Double Coated Dogs

Golden Retrievers, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Great Pyrenees, Huskies, Pomeranians, Shelties and Collies are a few examples of double coated dogs.

Dogs with heavy undercoats need to be treated a bit different than dogs with softer coats or poodle type coats. There is a special process that ALL double coated dogs go through for grooming.

This process loosens undercoat and dirt and removes layers of old dead hair. Not every dog has to go through every part of this process. It depends on how often you have your dog groomed and how often you brush and wash at home.

  1. Loosen dirt and grime and old hair with high powered blower
  2. Bathe with regular shampoo and rinse 
  3. Bathe with deshedding shampoo and rinse 
  4. Apply deshedding conditioner and blow into the coat with a high-powered blower
  5. Rinse conditioner
  6. Use a final vinegar rinse to help with odor and cut drying time

At this time, we take your dog into the drying room and blow out coat sometimes for 45 min or more. Just bathing and drying a double coated dog that only comes in 3-4 times a year can take about 90 min to 2 hours. 

Once the coat is blown out, we finish with fluff drying and brushing and prepping the coat for any haircut or scissor work. We do NOT recommend shaving heavy double coated dogs as their coat protects them from heat and cold and helps regulate their temperature. Also, once you shave a double coated dog, their hair may not grow back correctly, and they could develop alopecia over time. For this reason, we recommend no shorter than ¾ inch all over or simply scissoring the bulk out of the outline and giving your dog a beautiful silhouette finish.  

The price for double coated dogs is based on fullness of undercoat and grime and dirt that needs to be removed. Also, on any matting situation that may need to be tended to. Although we always shave your pets’ paws and trim feet and sanitary area, any other hair service such as a cut or scissor work will be extra depending on extensiveness of work.  It generally works out to about 50-60 per hour of work. If your dog comes in more often and the work lessens, then we will adjust the price of course. If you request different services at different times of year, then price will adjust. Please talk to your groomer openly about price so you are not surprised. Double Coated dogs prices shift and change regularly depending on where they are in the shedding process and how much haircut they need at different times of year. 


NOTE: Please remember that de shedding process continues at home as the hair shaft is open and still dropping coat. This process will NOT stop all home shedding. With regular treatments it will become better and better over time.


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