Decoding the Doodle Dilemma

Shedding light on the Costs of Grooming


Ever wondered why grooming your beloved Doodle comes with a hefty price tag? Let’s demystify the reasons behind it by first understanding what a Doodle is. These charming canines are a mix of double or short-coated breeds that shed, crossed with the ever-popular Poodle, resulting in a fascinating variety of coat types, lengths, and textures.

“oops! all doodles”

Historic Parallels

Reflecting on history, we’ve seen certain breeds skyrocket in popularity due to media exposure, only to face a decline as a consequence of overbreeding and subpar dogs (temperment and coat quality). Think of the Dalmatians after “101 Dalmatians,” Collies after “Lassie,” or German Shepherds during the Rin Tin Tin era. While these breeds experienced a decline, the Doodle craze has defied expectations, with popularity still on the rise a decade later. One could imagine the reason behind their rising popularity being due to their presence in pop-culture.

Jennifer Aniston and her beloved Goldendoodle, Norman

Tiger Woods & “Yogi” the Labradoodle

Harry Style’s Cockapoo “Colin”

Henry Winkler’s doodles “Sadie” & “Maisie”

Brodie the Goldendoodle with 1.1M Followers

The Complexity of Doodle Coats

The challenge lies in the amalgamation of shedding double-coated breeds like Labs and Golden Retrievers with Poodles, whose continuously growing hair lacks the oils found in guard hairs. The result? A potential matted mess as the undercoat gets entangled with the Poodle hair. The vast variety of coat types in Doodles, from wiry guard hairs to pure Poodle hair, adds another layer of complexity. And if you introduce triple-coated breeds like Old English Sheepdogs or Huskies into the mix, the potential for issues become too long to list.



If you’re looking to purchase your cute new Doodle pupppy for the long, flowing coat, be ready for a grooming price tag to match.

How do groomers combat these challenges?

Pricing. Unfortunately, Doodles are in for a lifetime of grooming, styling, and brushing. Depending on the chosen coat length and home care, grooming bills for large Doodles can range from $300.00 to $600.00 for hand-scissored cuts.

Is there anything I can do?

The best solution to keep your grooming bill down and your budget under control is to choose a shorter cut that you can manage at home between grooms. There are many styles now that are beautiful and fun that can be easily maintained within a 4–6-week grooming cycle.

some examples of cute short doodle cuts we’ve done

Also, get your pet started in the grooming process very early in life. The longer you wait, the more possible issues can pop up unexpectantly. We suggest 12-14 weeks at the latest. Waiting until your dog is 6-8 months old, with their coat transitioning to an adult state and no prior grooming experience, can lead to difficulties due to lack of training and the dog’s size. Safe grooming requires training and patience, which are easier to establish at a younger age.

For diligent home groomers, long doodles should be groomed at least every 6 weeks. If grooming at home isn’t your preference but you desire the look, be prepared for grooming sessions with a professional every 2 weeks at a minimum.

Final Thoughts

We groomers adore Doodles and want nothing more than to keep both the dogs and their owners happy. Effective communication and setting realistic expectations are vital when choosing a Doodle groomer. Understanding the commitment involved ensures a happy and well-groomed Doodle companion.

Navigating the world of Doodle grooming is an ongoing journey. Our commitment is to provide the best care for these beloved pets. Your Doodle’s happiness and well-being remain our top priorities, and we look forward to continuing this grooming adventure together.


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