Tender Products

We use gentle shampoos and products on your pets. We dilute our gentle shampoos to assure that they are the gentlest possible, ensuring, at the same time, that the product is an effective shampoo.
If your dog comes in with grease, a heavier shampoo must be used.  Also,  if fleas are an issue, a medicated flea shampoo. These harsher shampoos are used only under these specific circumstances.

Our Preferences

We do not work with show dog cuts or stripping. If you have bows or specific ribbons you want placed in your dog’s hair please bring them with you. We have scarf material available upon request. We do not brush teeth. Anal glands are checked each visit. There is no additional charge.

Tender Day Care

If you need daycare please specify when making the appointment.  We prefer that all pets are picked up within 1 hour from notification of finish. We try to accommodate one family at a time but crossover is inevitable. We do not kennel dogs unless they urinate frequently, are aggressive or are so tiny that they could get through the fence. Please feel free to call with questions or comments. We will answer emails promptly. We thank all our clients for continued loyalty and truly enjoy working with all of you!

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