michelle Michelle came to us after working at PetCo and Pet Smart for several years. Tired of working corporate, she bounced from salon to salon looking for the “right fit” She found it when walking into TenderCare in January of 2019. She has lived in Fort Myers now for 10 years now, having moved here from Indiana.

As a young girl and only child Michelle found she related very well to animals and often they were her best friends. Having many different animals from hamsters, fish and horses, Michelle found her true passion working with dogs.

While living up north she worked primarily in the veterinary field as a vet tech. When she moved to Fort Myers I continued to pursue my dreams and passions by working with animals in the grooming industry. I because a certified dog groomer, graduating Pet Smarts academy in 2010.

Michelle is a mother and a wife and also a grandmother. We are happy and excited to have her here at TenderCare and hope she has found her forever home.