Jenn Mitchell

jennJenn joined us in July of 2018 with grooming experience spanning back to when she was 15. Dogs and animals are all she’s ever known, even attending an agricultural high school which had an FFA type of curriculum.

As she got older she worked at several shops then went on to owning her own grooming business up north. Alas, she found that she was not happy being cold and wet every winter. So, she came to Florida in 2017 for the same reason many people do, to be in the sunshine and tropical warmth that the south provides. Fortunately for TenderCare, Jenn decided to settle in the Fort Myers area!

At home Jenn enjoys kayaking, exploring Florida and raising and hanging out with her brood of Pitbulls. We here at TenderCare have met some of her brood and they are the nicest and funniest pitties that we have encountered. Jenn prides herself on breeding and raising dogs that shatter the pitbull image and are excellent family dogs and pets. As you can see from her picture here, they have BIG smiles!

Jenn also has birds in her household with parrots of different types and in the past has had such family members as monkeys and other dog breeds.

Jenn came to TenderCare because she was “Looking for her happy place” and is looking forward to a long relationship with the clients here at TenderCare and is enjoying the “owner stay” program and its benefits. She has proven to be a PERFECT addition to our environment and we are thrilled to have her here!