Doodle Brushing and Coat Care

Having a Doodle is a wonderful fantasy fulfilled by many who dream of soft curls and a well-mannered, non-shedding pet to keep them company for years to come.

Doodles come in every shape, size and combination. We have everything from tiny malti/poos to the giant sheepadoodles and full sized bernadoodles. New puppy owners are often overwhelmed with the hours of coat care required and the high price of regular grooming it takes to maintain these pets.

Doodles are a mixed breed and for the most part we cannot determine if they will gain the genes of the poodle or the breed they are mixed with, so there is often a mix of hair types that mat and tangle quickly if left unattended.

We encourage doodle owners to have your pet groomed every 4 weeks or every 6 weeks with a “neat and tidy” done at the 3-week mark in between grooming.

We recommend that doodle owners get used to weekly brushing and combing and use high quality brushes such as the Chris Christianson Coral Brush sold on Amazon and a good wide tooth sturdy comb.

Doodles should never be washed and left to air dry. They should ALWAYS be hand blown dry to avoid matting and knots to develop in the coat. If you have a doodle that loves the pool or swimming in the ocean, we recommend a short maintenance cut to allow your pet to run free and enjoy his swimming hobbies.

Many owners enjoy the long, fluffy locks of the soft hair and while this is obtainable, it does require lots of home care. Combs are important and brushing and combing from the skin to the tip of the hair is vital. Often people brush the top of the coat while ignoring the hair next to the skin, causing pelting and tight mats that require shaving or shearing as you would a sheep. 

Ask any of your groomers to explain brushing and which brushes and combs they use on your doodle here at TenderCare. Also work with your groomer on a trim that will work with your lifestyle and commitment to brushing at home and your grooming budget. Pets with mats and knots in their ears, tail and coat will quickly run your bill up, so take some time the evening before your appointment to lay your pet down and go to work removing knots and mats at home. 


We appreciate ALL our doodles and we have several awesome doodle stylists here at TenderCare who love working with these great dogs.


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